Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

While every effort is made to depict products accurately, images found on this web site do not necessarily depict the product with which they are linked and are used purely for illustrative purposes only.

Our aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We entrust to all our customers that if there is dissatisfaction by the customer and this is deemed to be reasonable then we will do all we can to resolve any problems in question.

No negative comments regarding Madautoparts shall be posted by the customer on any internet or other forums, blogs, magazines or any other form of media. Breach of our terms in this regard will result in one or more of the following : cessation of all works / retention of all parts by us until due payment up to point of cessation / a financial penalty to the customer reflecting damages caused.

Some of the proposed modifications may take the vehicle beyond the scope of the vehicle manufacturer’s original design briefs and intended use, possibly with impact on other parts / systems of the car,for which the vehicle owner / keeper accepts all responsibility and liability.Any additional products / costs / required or desired to complement / augment etc a particular agreed conversion are the responsibility of the customer.

Madutoparts will not be held responsible for sub sequential costs, losses or damages resulting from an incorrect, damaged or warranted part(s), this includes third party labour costs, fuel costs, salary etc. However we will do all possible to resolve any problem with the item itself.

Whilst we endeavour to supply the best quality parts possible to our customers it’s apparent on some aftermarket items that some modifications to the item / vehicle are required to obtain perfect fitment, please appreciate this. Naturally, aftermarket items which are cheaper than the original manufacturer item are occasionally not identical specifications as the original manufacturer part.